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Yardley Borough is a FEMA CRS Community!!

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EAC Environmental Advisory Commission is looking for an additional member. Fill out the above application if your interested!


The Yardley Community Garden is open to all Yardley Borough residents.  The Garden has 40 raised beds with a center garden path and is located at 41 Morgan Avenue in Yardley, one block north of the Yardley Inn.   

In its tenth year, the Yardley Community Garden produced a bountiful harvest for Yardley's gardeners.  Garden plot sizes vary from 4' x 8' to 4' x 20'.  Fees for use of the Garden are $5 per 16 square feet, per year.  New gardeners who would like to garden in 2019 should contact to request information about the Yardley Community Garden.

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