Community Rating System Information Here

The Yardley-Makefield Branch of the Bucks County Free Library has the following FEMA publications at the front desk:

Protecting Building Utilities from Flood Damage

Protecting Floodplain Resources

Answers to Questions About the NFIP

Elevated Residential Structures

Above the Flood:Elevating Your Flood Prone House

Protecting Manufactured Homes From Floods & Other Hazards

Delaware River Basin Commission

National Weather Service Advanced Hydrological
Prediction Service

New York Reservoir storage levels

Nurture Nature Foundation

National Weather Service Philadelphia/Mt. Holly

Bucks County Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Ready Notify Pa

Tips for building your emergency kit

Current Weather Forecasts

Flood Insurance Rate Maps(FIRMS)

Top 10 Consumer Facts Regarding NFIP    here

Flood Insurance Fact Sheet            here

Flood Insurance Benefits                here

Yardley Borough Floodplain Ordinance  here

Flood Vent Openings       here

Yardley Borough Flood Handbook    here

Samples of Emergency Notices for Residents   here


FEMA Post Flood Recovery Checklist here