“If your business is right for Yardley, we’ll make Yardley right for your business”

Our motto is:  “If your business is right for Yardley, we’ll make Yardley right for your business”, and we stand behind that.

Yardley Borough is on the cutting edge of business friendly.  Our Borough staff and Council have the goal of “getting to yes” to help our existing businesses prosper and to support new businesses join our vibrant downtown.  Whether it’s business permitting, code requirements, signage or historical review, Yardley stands ready to facilitate commerce in our community.  

Our Administration serves as a hands-on point of contact for our current and potential businesses.  If you have an issue or an opportunity in Yardley, you can reach the Borough office and Zoning Department for guidance.  We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.  You can also contact Borough Manager Paula Johnson directly with any inquiries as well via email or by calling 215/493-6832 during business hours.

The Borough engages in a variety of business retention and attraction activities, including hosting and promoting grand opening and business expansion ribbon cuttings, Yardley’s annual Small Business Saturday promotions, and the Music on Main downtown summer concert series and many other actives hosted by either the Borough or the YBA (Yardley Business Association).  Yardley Borough works with and supports the Yardley Business Association (YBA), which manages Yardley Restaurant Week, the Old Fashioned Christmastime Parade and Treelighting, and of course Yardley Harvest Day.

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